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Tournament Information – A team must be in good standing before any tournament fees or travel permits are processed by the club. 

To look for tournaments to attend go to http://ctms.ontariosoccer.net for a full Listing of Sanctioned Tournaments in Ontario.  Click on a tournament that you are interested in.  All the tournament details will be listed.  Ensure that your team can enter the tournament based on the Tournament Classification.  At the top is a link ATF.   The main listing will have a link to the club website to process a tournament entry.

Teams are responsible for ensuring that team rosters, player books and approved Application to Travel Forms are brought with them to every tournament.  The Club is not responsible for any team or individual that is disqualified as a result of these documents not being present at a tournament.   All Team Officials are required to remember that they are acting as representatives of the Club when at tournaments.  As such, strict adherence to and enforcement of the Club’s Code of Conduct and Zero Tolerance Policies is required.  A common sense approach to behaviour is also required.

All travel and accommodation arrangements for players and their parents while at tournaments are the responsibility of the individuals and not the Club.

Orangeville Minor Soccer Club Tournaments - Participation in all Orangeville Minor Soccer Competitive Tournaments is mandatory for all Competitive Travel teams.  Exceptions will be made for League mandated events (eg WOYSL Kick off Tournament).

Tournaments outside of the Province or Country - Teams wishing to travel outside of Ontario must first receive the approval of the Board of Directors and inquire in the office in regards to requirements.  Teams will be required to obtain the Sanctioning Documentation from the Hosting Club to be uploaded to the ATF application.

All other Tournaments – Prior to entry to a tournament email the Director of Travel teams at travel@orangevilleminorsoccer.ca  for approval.  Please include the following information:

                Name of Tournament

                Date of Tournament

                Location of Tournament

                Age Division of Entry

                Indoor / Outdoor Tournament

                Special Notes – ie:  if this is one of your teams memorable events, please advise or any other special note that you feel is required.

You will get confirmation from the Director of Travel Teams to enter the tournament and the office will be copied into this.  If there is a problem with the tournament entry you will be advised the reason.  Please note, if applicable the office will be recording the memorable events Grassroots Teams are entering based on the ATF’s submitted and will reject ATF’s above the allotment for your age division.

Instructions for Tournament Entry Form (TEF) – After approval by the Director of Travel Teams is received please process the Tournament Entry and submit it to the Tournament Host.  Submit to the office any Tournament Entry Forms that the office is required to process for payment (team account or team allotment) along with full payment for the Tournament Entry fees. The club will process payment on the next cheque run and mail payment with a copy of the TEF.

If necessary teams may send their fees directly to the tournament and can submit for re-imbursement by the club by providing a copy of the receipt and the approved ATF.

Instructions for Application to Travel Form (ATF) – An ATF is required if the tournament location requires travel outside the district.  Click on the ATF link at the top of the tournament details and complete the required information.  Ensure that ALL information is complete. The approval process can take up to 7 business days to be processed by SWRSA.  A copy of the Approval Receipt should be submitted to the tournament head and taken to the Registration for the Tournament.

General Information for Applications

Orangeville Team Names – Orangeville Storm (year)(BorG)     ie:  Ornageville Storm 2005B 

Team OSA Number – 0421-(year)(BorG)    ie: 0421-2005B

Please see Competition and Travel Management System – CTMS – Users Guide for further guidance.

  Document Name     Date

CTMS_Team Official_User Guide v 1 8 Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) March 24, 2016