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Team Setup

Team budget – A team budget must be submitted for each team – This is an overview of the expected revenue and expenses for the team.  A form is available from the office.  It can be completed electronically.  This should list all tournaments that you expect to enter and the costs, the practice costs for the season, as well as any other expected income or expenses (See Sample Budget below)

Sponsorship Funds – Teams are encouraged to find team sponsorship and must report all Sponsor(s) to the office using the Sponsorship Application (available on the website under Sponsors).  Sponsorship Funds must ALWAYS be processed through the office.  The office will arrange to invoice the sponsor(s) and payment should be made to the OMSC office.  Any sponsorship funds will be reimbursed/credited to the team by the office.  All sponsors should be emailed to both the Equipment Manager and the Director of Communications so that there is no issue in regards to the sponsors for the uniforms and the website can be updated with all current sponsors. 

OMSC Team Funding – Each team will be allocated up to $500 at the beginning of the season to be used in any combination from the following 3 categories exclusively.  

  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • Team Training Equipment
  • Team Approved Apparel
  • Exhibition Game Expenses  

The team budget should include the allocation of these funds.  Any funds not used are not refundable to the team.  All submissions for these amounts must be submitted to the club by either a receipt or a direct invoice to the club signed by 2 members of the team management.

Sponsor Plaques – The club will cover one (1) sponsorship plaque for each team.  Any team that requires more than one plaque (at their cost) will need to ensure that the office is notified of the additional quantity by the due date on the current Rep Manual Notes so that the correct number of plaques can be ordered.  They will also need to ensure that the correct pictures are taken by the photographer.  The club will invoice the team for any additional plaques upon order.

Team Finances – The Head Coach must appoint a manager not related to any one with team account signing authority who will be responsible for all finances relating to the team.  Whenever possible, payments to third parties should be done via the Club and not directly from the team.  The Head Coach should notify the office of the managers contact information as soon as they are appointed.  Teams should keep a detailed record of all transactions regarding the account and be prepared to provide copies of receipts and bank statements to the parents and Club.  Funds within team accounts remain the property of the Club team regardless of changes in coaching staff or players.  In the event that a team folds and a balance remains in the account after all team expenses are paid, the additional funds shall be paid to the Club within 30 days of folding.  Team officials are responsible for any fines incurred by the team.

Team Fundraising – Teams do not need to obtain permission to do team fundraising, but must notify the Director of Travel Teams of all fundraising events in advance.

OMSC Logo  – Teams must request permission from the Director of Travel Teams in advance of using the OMSC Logo for any purpose.

Bank Accounts – Teams must either run all finances through the Club Administrator or alternatively open a bank account with an Orangeville based financial institution for fundraising, referee payments and general expense purposes.  The account should be set up as the team name and year player birth (ie: Orangeville Storm 1995 Boys). In the case of Recreational Select and Recreational All-Star, please include either “select” or “all-star” at the end of the name (Orangeville Storm 1995 – All-Star).  Each account must have three signatories, one of which may be a Board Member of the Club. Any and all transactions MUST have two of the three signatories signing the transaction for either the Club Administrator or the Financial Institution.  If required, a letter from the club can be obtained from the office to set up a bank account.

  Document Name     Date

Manual Sample Budget Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) October 19, 2013