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All Travel Team Head Coaches shall be responsible for:


  • Having a level of coaching certification as specified by the Ontario Soccer Association.
  • Submitting a clean Police Records Check to the club every 24 months.
  • Conducting player tryouts at date and location as specified by the Club.
  • The selection of all players on their team.  It is the position of the Club that the Team Head Coach shall select only as many players that they are willing and able to develop and play.
  • The selection of assistant coaches and managers and notification to the office of their contact information.
  • Ensuring that all assistant coaches and managers are aware of the certification requirements of the club.
  • The development of a seasonal plan that will be presented to the Director of Coaching & Travel Teams prior to the start and preparation of the upcoming season.
  • The development of team objectives to be communicated to players and parents prior to the commencement of the season.
  • The development of and leading of team practices.
  • On-field decisions during a game.
  • Conducting themselves in a manner that is in accordance with the Club’s Code of Conduct & Zero Tolerance Policies and the FIFA Laws of the game.
  • The conduct and actions of his/her players and coaching staff during the course of a game, practice or any other event held under auspices of Orangeville Minor Soccer Club.
  • Ensuring that any individual taking to the field during a league sanctioned game, exhibition game and/or tournament is an eligible player under League, District, and OSA guidelines.
  • Ensuring that no youth player is left unattended at a field or gymnasium following a practice or game.
  • If a head coach is going to cut a player during the season, the parents or guardian of the player must be give two (2) weeks’ notice to correct the situation before final action is taken.
  • All coaches for the U9-U12 divisions must adhere as closely as possible to the OSA’s LTPD Program
  • All athletes and coaches are required to wear their OMSC gear/uniform to all games.  All Coaches on the official team roster must wear approved apparel with OMSC logo to all games.  Coaches are permitted to wear athletic shorts, athletic pants or pants to games.  Clothes that are ripped, torn or unclean in any way are not permitted


All Travel Team Players shall be responsible for:


  • All Players participating in games and practices with the Travel Teams shall be registered and in good standing with the Club including fully paid registration fees.
  • Players shall be selected by the Team Head Coach by participating in a series of tryouts.  These tryouts will be arranged by the Team Head Coach with input from the Club and must be held on the dates designated to each team.
  • Players will be required to attend the first tryout of their age level.  Upon notice to the age level coach, the player may attend the older age tryout.  At least two club appointed technical people will attend and their recommendation will determine at what age level the player will be placed.
  • Players shall be required to play within their own age group.  Exceptions may be given by the Board of Directors upon receiving a written recommendation from the Team Head Coach and the Director of Coaching & Travel Teams.
  • Equal playing time is not guaranteed for Travel Team players.  The Coach’s decision is final as to the amount of time that a player will receive in a game. 
  • House League players may be used by Travel Teams on a “call up” basis in accordance with the rules of their league and player may only be used when there is an absents from said roster. 
  • Players who leave of their own volition from a Competitive Travel Team during the season will not be allowed to play in the Competitive Travel Team program for the duration of the season.  They will not eligible to recover their competitive registration fees.  If space permits on House League and the player wishes to play, they can be assigned to a House League team at the Club’s discretion at no additional cost.  Players participating in club practices or tryouts must be registered and in good standing with the Club.  Players wishing to participate in Club practices or tryouts who are not registered with the Club and who are currently registered with another OSA recognized club must provide proof of registration.  Players who did not previously with an OSA recognized club must contact the Club office before being allowed to participate in a practice or tryout.
  • Players may be cut up until July 31st
  • Players registration payments must be cleared by March 23 of the year in which they will play in order to be eligible to play.