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Field Bookings – ACTS Practices – The1/2 field at ACTS will be assigned by the head coach at the beginning of the season.  1 time slot per week will be assigned with the earlier times to be assigned to the youngest ages. Times and days will be assigned by the club to ALL teams

Field Bookings – Outdoor Practices – A minimum of 1 practice field per week will be assigned by the Director of Travel Teams at the beginning of the season – ensuring that teams are not booked on playing nights

Field Bookings – ACTS – Extra Time - The teams will need to contact Amy Green at ACTS to try and schedule a date and time that meets your requirements.  Once a suitable arrangement is determined you will need to submit full payment and the details of the booking to the office.  The office will do the official booking of the time at this point.  Please note that there are no refunds for cancelled bookings.

Upper Grand School Board Gym/Field Bookings – You will need to contact the office with locations and days that will work for your team.  The office will search the availability online.  Please note: Schools are not available to be booked for CUS during regular school hours. Due to the nature of the booking software it may appear that school facilities are available for CUS during regular school hours. This is not the case, CUS is not available until after 6PM in elementary schools and 7PM in secondary schools. Please note - when schools are closed, Community Use is cancelled. 

Once an acceptable facility is located, the office will require the requested start date and end date as well as the name, address, phone number and email address of 1 person who can be listed on the application as an alternate contact for the booking.  The booking will be made by the office and the team will be invoiced for the charges with no refunds for rejected or cancelled bookings.  Please note that teams could be charged for “no show” bookings that are not cancelled 36 hours in advance.  Once the contract for the booking is confirmed the office will email the details to the team.

If the office has available time left from the House League Outdoor Fields they will be available on a first come first served basis.  Until all teams have had a chance to request fields only 1 booking will be allowed per team.  If time still remains, then the teams will have the opportunity to book additional time.  An email will be sent by the office indicating this time is available.


Field Bookings - Town of Orangeville - Contact the Field Co-ordinator to find Field Availabity.  Once a suitable field and time is determined, email the office the details of the booking request.  The office will arrange for the booking of the field and the team will be invoiced for the charges.  If a field is not used at the time booked then you need to notify the Field Co-ordinator and the office WITHIN 24 hours so the Town can be notified and any charges can be reversed by both the Town and the office.  Failure to do so will result in no reversal of the charges for the booking.