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Emergency/Injury Information - In the event of an injury at any Rep event an ambulance should be contacted if necessary, and parents should always be notified.  An injury report (see below) should be completed by the Coach or Manager listing all details as required and turned into the office.   The full information pamphlet, contact numbers and forms for the parents are available from OSA’s insurer at:  http://www.hkmb.com/industry/sportsent/OSA.asp

The main OSA contact at HKMB is:

Kyle Bell
416-597-0555 x439

Return to Play Policy:

1.  If a player (house league, development or competitive) or participant in an OMSC program suffers an injury in a game or practice, s/he must stop the activity immediately and be attended to by a Team official or OMSC member.  If there is any doubt as to whether the injury is serious, it is best to err on the side of caution and have the player sit out for the rest of the game/practice/program.  If the parents or legal guardians are present then it is their decision if the player is under 18 and the decision solely of the player if they are over 18.  Team officials are not expected to provide medical advice.  First Aid should only be administered to the level for which and individual is trained.

2. If the player/participant receives medical direction to rest from play/activity for any injury whether sustained in soccer or not, s/he must present a note signed by their medical practitioner (includes physician, nurse practitioner or physiotherapist) indicating that they are fit to return to play/activity to the Team Official before being allowed to resume play/activity.  This will include the date that the player/participant can return to play/activity.  This note will be submitted to the OMSC office by the Team Official once it has been reviewed by the Team Official.

3. If the note states that the player/participant may return to play/activity within a specified amount of time, OMSC has the right to ask for a subsequent note to confirm that the player/participant to return to play/activity.

4. If a player/participant sustains a Head Injury that requires the participant to be removed and unable to return, s/he must be assessed by a medial practitioner before being allowed to return to play/activity.  Return to play/activity from a head injury must also have medical clearance.

5. Any injury sustained during a game or practice that requires medical attention must be documented on an OMSC Injury Report Form and that form must be submitted to the OMSC office within 48 hours of when the Team Official becomes aware that the player/participant has received medical attention.

  Document Name     Date

OMSC Player Injury Report Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) October 19, 2013