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Message from the Board of Directors about LTPD

 Reason For LTPD

It is with the greatest of intentions and with guidance from the Ontario Soccer Associations Long Term Development Plan that we at OMSC finalize on specific decisions that get put into affect. We understand and can appreciate everyone's point of view in a variety of circumstances and we do not minimize anyones thoughts or feelings in any way. We would like to address  the fact that all decisions made under the umbrella of the LTPD come from a place of good nature and understanding to the youth of Orangeville. 

We are aware that concerns tend to arise when changes occur within any of our programs. As we are sympathetic to all opinions, we would like to take a moment to direct the attention to the defining factor of what constitutes "a winner". Many of our recent changes have been directed to the children between the ages of U6 to U12 only. It is the position of our club (by the direction of the OSA) that "the winners" in these divisions are the kids that have put in the time and effort to develop as players, to learn the rules of the game, to improve their skills, to understand the game, to respect others, to learn sportsmanship, to understand HOW to be apart of a team, and To be recognized and PROUD OF THEMSELVES for all of that combined. Their overall efforts is what we need to recognize and are the terms for which they are being rewarded at the end of our seasons. Counting goals has no place in a 6 to 12 year old child's mind when they are just beginning to learn how to evaluate and be proud of themselves, their efforts, and their accomplishments. You can't put a "score" on that to determine a "winner". 

Our volunteer coaches put in many hours per week to teach our players of all ages to reach higher and try harder to succeed. Whether a player has natural talent, developed talent, or a hunger to learn... these kids are not at an age where they should be subject to judgements or categorizations as this affects their self esteem. We think on some level, all parents can understand and/or relate to this rationale. Our kids will have a lifetime to learn that they won't always come in "first place", but why begin their journey in life always feeling judged before they have a chance to learn how they feel about themselves.

Competition and score keeping begins after the age of 13 and this decision is spread wide from the Ontario Soccer Association. Having explained our position in great detail, we hope everyone can see beyond the categorization and come out to a game to cheer on our young ones of Orangeville. Each and every one of them deserve to hear the cheering.

Thank you.

Board Of Directors


Message from SWRSA in regards to LTPD 

With the season kicked off now for most divisions I hope you all have time to breath and perhaps catch a game or two. The OSA has released the next document in the LTPD series of handouts. This one is directed at providing information to coaches and parents in the soccer for life (S4L) leagues ages 13 and up.

S4L League Parent and Coach Information (accessible through the LTPD Resources page on our website or through this link).

Ian Morrell

LTPD Director


  Document Name     Date

Long Term Player Development FAQs Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) December 07, 2014