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Indoor Policies And FAQs

Refunds/Cancellations – All refund requests must be submitted in writing to the office and are subject to a $50 administrative fee.  All refunds will be issued to the adult/guardian named on the online registration system unless paid by a 3rd party.  In the case of a 3rd party payment the refund will be refunded to the 3rd party.  No refunds will be given after the Opening Weekend except under the following circumstances:

Should the player suffer a season ending injury (not related to a OMSC program), once we have received a doctors certificate and all equipments have been returned, a pro-rated refund may be issued, based on the date of the doctors note/return of equipment or date of request, whichever is later.  Please note – where the injury is soccer related, no refund can be provided as this would cause the insurance coverage to be negated.  Such requests will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

NSF Cheques – Any NSF cheques will be charged a $25 administrative fee.  All replacement cheques must be certified, paid by cash or credit card.

Uniforms – OMSC provides each player with a soccer jersey, soccer short and one pair of soccer socks.  It is the expectation of the club that all players will wear all components of this uniform to their games (ie: no shorts other than the soccer shorts provided and the socks that were provided with the uniform).

Teammate Requests – OMSC does not take teammate requests.  Please note that every effort will be made to place siblings, registered to the same division, on the same team.

Team Placements – All registrants who have paid in full will be placed on teams within 4 weeks of the late registration fees coming into effect.  Any registrant who has not been paid in full will not be placed on a team until full payment is received.  Late registrants will be added to teams as quickly as possible after full payment is received, subject to availability.  Registrants added to a team after Division Balancing will be the first individuals selected to move if another Division Rebalance is required.  You can confirm the team your child is on by checking the Family Calendar available on the online registration system.

Where do I get OMSC Apparel? OMSC apparel is available online through Dufferin Apparel. Please click here to see what is available! 

Jewelry – All jewelry including, but not limited to earrings and watches must be removed.  This is an OSA policy and our referees have been told to enforce this policy.  Jewelry poses an unnecessary risk to all players.  OSA will no longer allow us to “tape” earrings, this was allowed in the past so parents may ask about it but OMSC is bound to hold up this policy. 

Casts – Hard casts are not permitted.

Medical Alerts – Medical Alerts are allowed, but must be taped down.

Shin Pads – Shin Pads are mandatory for all divisions.

Soccer Shoes –Soccer Shoes are required for all divisions.

Play Off & Picture Schedules – All schedules will be sent to coaches as soon as they are available to communicate with the teams.  They will also be posted on the OMSC website – www.orangevilleminorsoccer.ca under House League - Indoor

Facebook & Twitter – Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any notices or updates through the season

Additional Information:

All field locations, dates and times are subject to change

OMSC reserves the right to alter team placements up until the scheduled picture days to rebalance the divisions as required.