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Rep tryout Schedule

Weekend of Sep. 26th/27th

All tryouts will be held at Lions Sports Park with the following guide lines.

  • Everyone must be wearing a mask unless they are in their car or on the field trying out for a team
  • Players are to show up 30 minutes early to sign in and get checked out and sanitize hands-Every player must have temperature check with forehead thermometer and sign off on Covid check list at check in
  • All players wishing to play up a year must try out for their own age group along with the older age group
  • Everyone must enter/exit field proper locations(signs posted)
  • Washroom will not be open
  • Players must bring their own water bottle and ball, be wearing shin pads and shoes-Players must socially distance when not on the soccer field-Spectators must socially distance at all times
U9/2012 BOYS 3pm-4pm
U9/2012 GIRLS 11am-12pm
U10/2011 BOYS 1pm-2pm
U10/2011 GIRLS 1pm-2pm
U11/2010 BOYS 9am-10am
U11/2010 GIRLS 3pm-4pm
U12/2009 BOYS 11am-12pm
U12/2009 GIRLS 9am-10am
U13/2008 BOYS 11am-12pm
U13/2008 GIRLS 11am-12pm
U14/2007 BOYS 1pm-2pm
U15/2006 GIRLS & 2007 GIRLS 1pm-2pm
U16/2005 BOYS & 2006 BOYS 3pm-4pm
U16/2005 GIRLS 3pm-4pm
U18/2004 BOYS & 2003 BOYS 9am-10am
U18/2004 GIRLS & 2003 GIRLS 9am-10am
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OMSC Rep Coach Evaluation Form Acrobat Portable Document (PDF) October 14, 2013


Information coming soon

2021 Tryouts Sep. 26th and 27th

Tryout weekend of Sept 26th and 27th at Lions Sports Park starting at 9:00 a.m.